Bumble Bee, Our Best Dressed Rooster

Posted on July 19, 2014 in News

Bumble Bee started life as a bright yellow peep who could not stand or move on his own, he was the runt and was very weak.  Paul spent days warming him up, carrying him around and picking him up out of places when he became stuck.  He has since become a most handsome rooster who takes great care to never have a single feather out of place.  He is the only rooster to not suffer the temporary indignity of molting his tail feathers.  Bumble Bee is not aggressive but does take great pride in recruiting new hens to the flock.  He convinced Lemon and Tangerine to move onto our farm and roost with him.  Tangerine’s ten new peeps most likely all call him Daddy.  Bumble Bee

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