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Warm Greetings and Welcome!

exclusiveHawai’i is the only state in the US where coffee is grown, and 100% Kona coffee is internationally renowned as a grand cru. Every year the coffee harvest sells out. Our 7 acre family farm is located in the heart of the Kona coffee district on the Big Island nestled a thousand feet above sea level on the verdant slope of the ancient volcano Hualalai and overlooking the glorious sunsets.

The beans grow in breezy sunshine shaded by native trees and the afternoon cloud cover. A flock of wild chickens and a flock of wild turkeys have adopted us, and help with weed and insect control. We have about 50-60 honeybee hives who promote the flourishing natural flora, and improve both overall coffee yield and the amount of Peaberry grade beans. We leave all the Peaberry (considered the choicest grade) in our coffee as an extra value for our customers.

Coffee sold with the Mokulele Farms label is handpicked by us. We are very, well, picky about selecting perfectly ripe coffee cherry. Under-ripes or over-ripes do NOT go into our label. Our beans are premium and never blended. We only sell 100% Kona and are members in good standing with the Kona Coffee Farmers Association. We remove the cherry pulp, and sun-dry all our coffee the traditional way on our hoshidana, selecting out the imperfect bean every step of the way.

We’re off the main coffee tour trail, and so busy with farm work we regret we cannot offer tours. However, for our devoted customers who have purchased 100 or more pounds cumulatively, we can arrange a mutually convenient time so that after the tour they can pick coffee for an hour. We will specially process that and label for their personal use.

About an acre of the farm has the most wonderful macadamia nut trees. We hand pick, husk, and remove the shells. Our mac nuts are not roasted in oil. We gently soak them in Hawai’ian salt water, dehydrate under low heat, and vacuum package to preserve the nutrition, wonderful flavor, and texture of fresh macadamia nut.

Mahalo for visiting our website. We invite you to visit our online store, and try some our gourmet coffee and macadamia nuts. For frequently asked questions and related links please visit our FAQs, Links, and Dakine Stuff page. Also, visit our calendar page for upcoming events, because at times we sell in person at farmers’ markets and festivals on the Big Island and the Mainland.

Debbie and Paul


What our customers say

  • Having the chance to purchase a half-pound or one-pound bag of this amazing whole bean coffee, direct from the farmers is extremely rare on the mainland.  But that's exactly what you get when you buy from Mokulele Farms.  The coffee itself has a wonderful aroma that is only outdone by its smooth taste and rich flavor.  Don't be fooled by the other so-called Kona Coffees out there.  Mokulele Farms 100% Kona Coffee is certified as such and you will find that every drop of this amazing coffee is well-worth every cent that you pay for it.
    ~ Jerry, Irvine, CA

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