Mac Nut Grove
Macnut trees are large and stately.
Their branches and leaves are very tough and painfully scratchy, but the shade is wonderful.
This is the view from the very top of the farm looking out to sea (makai). The horizon is obscured by vog (volcanic ash and fog) but is about two thirds of the way above the tree line. The foreground is of one and two year old coffee trees planted in a formerly abandoned section that was overgrown with brush. In the midground to the right you see a meadow with bee hives, and there is a macadamia tree grove in the left foreground.
The farm is located in the heart of the Kona coffee belt. The lowest elevation (seen here) is about 1,000 feet above sea level, and you are looking uphill (mauka). If you look closely you will see a young chicken named Peanut, who wandered onto the farm and became the newest member of our Bug Eradication and Precision (Fertilizer) Application group. He has 24 colleagues in that chicken outfit.
Coffee Tree
This is a coffee tree in early April which is pruned in the traditional Kona multiple vertical style. Heavy early flowering in November and December has led to an abundance of green coffee cherry and if you look closely, a few very early ripeners. We usually pick from June to December at our elevation.
We have more than half a dozen young cacao trees and are planting more. This means chocolate in our product line sometime in the future! Notice large purple pods from which the cacao seeds are removed and processed. Messy but delicious when finished!
Our bee meadow has anywhere from 40 to 60 hives at any one time. The bee yard is managed by professional bee keepers who harvest the honey for us, and also raise and sell queen bees to beekeepers all over the United States.
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Welcome to Mokulele Farms!

We sell 100% Kona coffee, fresh macadamia nuts, and honey grown and produced entirely on our farm.  We also sell hand made chocolate made from the cacao trees that grow on our property. We farm organically and raise chickens and turkeys for bug control.   Everything that we do here is complementary to the organic production of the product.

You can join our coffee club to receive regular shipments of coffee at a big savings as well as 30% off of other website products.

Be sure to check our Calendar for upcoming events.

Watch the video below for a quick tour of our farm.

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